Meet our Dream Team


  • Meet Sandee (aka Doc's wife )

    Sandee is a RDA and the Bookeeper at our office. You can usually find her in the office doing payroll, paying bills or other necessay tasks.  

  • Meet Sharon (aka HBIC)

    Sharon is a RDA and our office manager.  She has been with our office since 2008 and is always eager to help anyone with any problem that may arise. Our patient and staff satisfaction is her number 1 priority and she believes that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. Sharon says she feels blessed to have that with our office.  

  • Meet Brandi (aka Elvira)

    Brandi is a RDA and was one of Doc's chairside assistant, helping him do various procedures on our patients.But now she has moved up to our front desk and will be the first point of contact when you call the office  . She has been with our office since 2010 and she finds dental work to be very exciting.  Brandi takes special care to answer any questions about procedures and give  treatment options available to meet patient needs.  She has a soft spot for our elderly patients and often holds their hand or even walks them to their, making sure they are comfortable and feel safe.

  • Meet Daniel (aka D-Ray)

    Daniel is a RDA and was previously a hygienist assistant but now he is one of docs assistants.  He has been with our office since 2015 and his gentle nature and hair make him a hit with the kids.  Daniel is great at helping our patients feel at ease, explaining the different treatment options available, and making sure you understand the importance of completing your dental work.

  • Meet Jennifer(aka J-Lo)

    Jennifer is a RDA and Doc's other chairside assistant.  She has been with our office since 2018  she brings years of chairside and clinical experience.  Jennifer is funny and great with our patients . Her favorite procedure is dental crowns.

  • Meet Kaley

    Kaley is a RDH she grew up in Talbott and graduated from Morristown West High School. She then attended Walters State and played varsity volleyball for her first 2 years of college. Kaley then transferred and graduated from ETSU with a bachelors of science in dental hygiene.  Kaley’s hobbies include being on the lake, working out, and crafting. She is a great asset to our office and we’re excited to welcome her aboard.

  • Meet Tamara (aka Tams)

    Tamara is a RDA and Kaley's hygiene assistant. She updates health histories, takes x-rays, administers flouride, prophy's and other cleaning procedures. She has been with our office since 2018 and her dedication and willingness to learn has made her a valuable team member. She enjoys gardening and spending time with her son in her free time.

  • Meet Toshia

    Toshia is an RDA and Katie's assistant . She will be updating your health history ,Taking x-rays,polishing away stain and making your 6 month recall appointment. She will also help you formulating your treatment plan  Toshia enjoys photography and spending time with her 2 children in her spare time.

  • Meet Katie

    Katie is our newest Registered Dental Hygienist . As her patient you can expect a positive,informative,gentle experience. It is her passion to impact every patient and assist them in maintaining good oral hygiene and promote a happy,healthy life.She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her husband and 2 dogs and also interior design.

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